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Specialist Logistics Services

Pon Pure Logistics Private Limited is a ISO 9001 : 2015 certified Company and AEO Status Holder. We are one of the Leading Customs House Broker (CHB) with a broad experience of facilitating clients in clearing customs formalities..


01.Regular Updates

Pon Pure Logistics gives regular updates to their clients on Customs Laws & Procedures, HS Code & ADD Updates, DGFT related, FSSAI, Drug Control, Animal Quarantine, Plant Quarantine etc.


02.Value added services

We also provide value addition services to our clients such as Letter Drafts to Customs & Other Government agencies for Query reply, Procuring of Customs Duty saving RODTEP / ROSCTL Licenses for Customers, Apply & Obtaining Online Registration Certificates like PIMS, SIMS, NFMIMS, ICEGATE registration etc.



We are also specialized in handling FSSAI (FICS) Clearance, ADC & DDC NOC (Dual Use), Animal Quarantine NOC, Plant Quarantine NOC, DPD Clearance, AEO Process etc.

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We Are Professional Logistics & cargo Agency

We are your gateway to hassle-free international trade and seamless cross-border transactions. In a world where regulations are complex and compliance is paramount, we stand as your trusted partner, ensuring that your goods clear customs smoothly and swiftly, allowing you to focus on growing your global business..

Pon Pure Logistics offer customs clearance for both sea and air services. We support and guide our clients in handling Customs Laws, Notifications and Circulars taking full responsibility. Our in-depth knowledge and understanding of this sector has helped us offer customized solutions to all of our clients and thus reducing lead time, avoiding demurrages, fine and penalties.

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End to End Logistic Solutions

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Frequently Asked Questions?

Commercial invoice, bill of lading or Airway bill, packing list, import/export permits, and certificates of origin The specific documents depend on the nature of the goods and the destination country. .
Yes, we assist, providing guidance on documentation, compliance, and customs procedures for international trade.
It varies based on factors such as the type of goods, the country of origin, and the completeness of the documentation.
Yes, we have expertise in handling hazardous and restricted materials.
Yes, we offer assistance in importing goods under bonding or ex-bonding arrangements, including guidance on the application process, compliance with customs regulations, and clearance procedures.
Yes, we offer specialized customs clearance services for food products regulated by FSSAI. Our team is well versed in handling documentation and compliance specific to food products.